Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Tips To Avoid Being Ripped Off From A Car Hire Service

Travelling brings excitement especially if the purpose is to bring us great benefits such as promotion, seminars, or even vacation to some friends or relatives. Imagining us to see new places, new people and able to eat foods as one of the place delicacies makes us delightful and enthusiastic to go for it. But on the second thought, being away from your familiar territory makes you feel uneasy and disturbed. There is also sometimes risk of getting ripped-off especially if you cannot understand the dialect or language that they are using. Unawareness and ignorance becomes our weakness so that other people may take advantages on us.

But we do not want to spoil the fun of our getaway travelling. It is very usual to hire a rent a car services if we are into another places. Look at the internet for available site of this servicing company and check comments or reactions of their previous customers for you to see and analyse if they provide good services and left customer with full satisfaction. You can also ask some friends or relatives being on that place already to task for referrals and recommendations for a trusted car hire company.

To avoid some agony and for you to escape the nightmare of being ripped – off by a car hire service, here are some tips you need to take into account;

  1. If you have selected the company, understand well your car hire contract regarding their policy. It is best to go on a full to full or part to part fuel policy to avoid ending up paying excessive fuel that you didn’t use.
  2. Ask for the rent a car servicing company emergency contact number just in case something happen with the car or with you along the way. This will allow you to immediately seek for help.
  3. Be realistic in selecting a car to rent. We are sometimes overwhelmed with too many car rental offers but we have to be practical in choosing the right one. Go for a car that will meet your basic requirements and expectations.
  4. Choose a reputable company to ensure safe and sound travelling service. You may do this by checking online or ask some peers of which company is best to select that you can also trust.
  5. If you will drive yourself, check the car well. It is worth spending few minutes checking for any damages that it may have. In case you rent not only a car but also a driver with you, let him do some test drive and ask him to take another checking in your presence.
  6. Avoid returning the car late or not in time as agreed upon to avoid additional fees or charges.
  7. Always choose to pay your bill in your destinations currency and when you return home check your bank statements or credit card bills to see if there is any unnecessary additional cost that they incurred against you. In case happened, immediately called or contact your hired car servicing company to discuss and to correct any error.

Be wise and vigilant in choosing the right rent a car company for your own protection and security.

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